Our surf camp is located in Lago, Valdoviño, right next to the big lagoon.

O ‘Muiño No. 1, 15551 Lago (Santiago)

Coordinates:   43°35’45.0″N   8°09’18.8″W

Do you have any questions? Just write us an email: We’re looking forward to hearing from you and will answer any questions immediately. You can also make a booking request here.

Alternatively, you can reach us at:
+ 49 1577 15 86 131

    How to get to Layback Surfcamp

    Airport Transfers

    The nearest airports are Santiago de Compostela (SCQ) and A Coruña (LCG). We will pick you up from these airports on the weekend. During the week from Monday till Friday we are not able to pick you up. But you easily can take a bus to Ferrol and from there we will pick you up for free. As an alternative we will organize you our taxi driver and he will wait for you at the airport. The following transfer prices are for one-way transfers and are divided among all passengers. Therefore, please remember to register the trips early so that we can plan everything.

    Alternatively, there are frequently some very good car rental deals that are worth checking out! Also look for rental cars in Ferrol, they are often much cheaper.

    A Coruña airport transfer:
    50€ one way (fixed price that is divided between all passengers)

    Santiago airport transfer:
    80€ one way (fixed price that is divided between all passengers)

    Late fee: 20€
    (Arrival or departure after 9pm or before 9am)

    Getting there by bus

    Taking the bus is an easy and cheap alternative. Here are some details:

    Just check out this website: – there you can find all the connections and also some car sharing opportunities. Alternatively check out this info:

    Airport A Coruña to Ferrol:

    1. Take the Airport-Shuttle Line 443 to the final stop “Puerta Real” in A Coruña (here is a link with the timetable:
    2. From Puerta Real, line 1A travels to “Pasaje”. Take the ride to the bus station (“Estación de Autobuses EE AA La Coruña.”)
    3. With a bus from Arriva you go to the “Estacion de Autobus Ferrol” (prices and schedule can be found here

    The total travel time is about 90 minutes and costs are around 11 euros.

    Airport Santiago to Ferrol:

    1. Take the Airport shuttle to the bus station in Santiago “Estacion de Autobuses” (here is a link with the timetable:
    2. Next you take the “Monbus” to Ferrol to the Estacion de Autobuses. (Here is a link with the timetable:

    The total travel time is about 2h and costs are around 15 euros.

    If you made it to the bus station in Ferrol, you can reach us on + 49 1577 15 86 131 or + 49 163 85 28 425. The last part of the trip is on us!

    Alternative options

    If you have a bit more time and want to discover two countries on one trip, fly to Porto (Portugal). Cheap flights can be found from most European major cities.

    Option A: Take a Flixbus from Porto to Santiago; up to 3 busses a day, tickets from 5 Euro

    Option B: Rent a car at the airport in Porto. Offers can be as low as 30 euros a week depending on the season. (Make sure you are also allowed to take the car to another country. Small surcharge.)

    For all those who love Spain we recommend a multi-day stopover somewhere in the country such as Barcelona or Madrid and then fly on to Galicia. That way you get to experience the diversity of Spanish culture. Domestic flights are often a bargain in Spain.

    The tough guys (and gals) simply Walk the Way of St. James until you reach the end 😉

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