Search less, surf more

How often have you experienced the following: You are on your way to a surf trip and have gathered a lot of information about the region you are travelling to. Full of anticipation you arrive and want to get into the water as soon as possible. You go to the first beach you find. But you quickly realize that the tide is not right at all. So then on to the next beach, about which you have read only good things on the Internet. Unfortunately, here the wind blows from the completely wrong direction and the waves are mushy and not peeling at all. You think to yourself: Well, the important thing is to get back into the water. The surf session is fun, but still a bit disappointing. If you had known that the beach in one of the other bays close by would have been protected from the wind, you probably would have gone there. But there was no way to know since you are here for the first time.

Spotcheck Spotguiding

drone shot spotguiding empty spot

Group on the way to the beach

surf student on backside wave

Surf student on frontside wave

Layback Intermediate Surfcoaching unknown beach

Offshore Spotguiding

Spotguiding leere Line-Ups

We would like to spare you this annoying and surf-time-consuming situation and offer you a spotguiding with which you are guaranteed to be in the right place at the right time. The Layback Surf Camp is located in between more than eight different surf spots that all work at different tides and offer protection from different wind directions. If you don’t know your way around here, you can quickly lose track. With our spotguiding you don’t have to worry about any of it.

Always be in the right place – with more than 8 different spots we will always find the best waves for you in the area.

We know our spots and take you to the beach where the Atlantic is showing itself at its best. We also show you the easiest and safest ways into the lineup.

Spotguiding camp

  • Professional spotguiding to more than 8 different surf spots
  • World-class waves
  • Excellent knowledge of tides, wind and swell directions
  • Direct transfer to the right beach without the annoyance and delay of having to check in advance
  • Experience the best possible surf conditions every day
  • Our guides will tell you about currents or other hazards in the water.
  • We will show you the easiest and safest ways into the lineup
  • Search less, surf more – great for those who have only a little time on their hands
  • On top: 2 surfskate sessions

Our Spotguiding package prices include 5 days of spotguiding (max. 2 trips/day) including equipment as well as 7 nights accommodation in the shared room (3 beds)

Season price
450 €
23.03. to 20.10.

Twin or double room: +5€ per person per day
Private room: +140 € per person per week
Breakfast: 10€ per day (book on-site)
Lunch: 4€ per day (book on-site)
Dinner: 13€ per day (book on-site)